Home Security – How to Explain Home Security to Your Kids

They say an expert is someone who takes a subject you understand and makes it confusing. I hope I don’t have the same impact on this subject. Explaining security to your children is something that should be simple, but I have found can be over thought out, making it more confusing then it should be. The simplicity of the subject is that you are responsible for the safety of your children, and if you do nothing to protect them because you think they may be traumatized over something they presently have no fear of, then you are over thinking the subject. I have designed countless home security systems for families that have experienced a break-in. They also thought it could never happen to them.

If you want to discuss traumatized, that is a traumatic experience. Children have a much more difficult time feeling safe again after having had their home broken into then wondering why their parents are installing a home security system. Before I got into the security industry, I personally had to explain to my five year old son why someone would break into our home and steal his bike (among other things). I would have preferred to just explain why we need a security system, and how to use it.

I’m not a psychologist but I have designed home security systems for years and have personally seen the effect of having a home violated, has had on children. Adding security to your home need not add any trauma to your family if you present it in a positive light, security should be treated as a good thing. Children see news all the time as to bad things that happen, even cartoons are filled with bad things happening, so it is not news to them that they need protection. The important thing to consider is how to present it to them. Presenting the need for a home security systems is a matter of making it age appropriate. best and cheapest home security system With younger children you can talk about setting up an invisible force field to protect their family from bad guys, just like the one protecting Batman’s Bat Cave (or whoever is their super hero). Explain how no bad guys can get into your home because of this force field. Your children will take their cues from you and your attitude. By introducing security as something they can relate to it becomes something they like to use. Making it fun takes away all the fears of having a security system.

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The other area affecting children is parents with teenagers who think that because their children come and go at all hours, that they will constantly be setting it off. As if for some reason teenagers are not capable of turning off a security system. That is probably the most common response I get for delaying putting in a home security system. It is true that the more people using a security system the more opportunity for false alarms, but a false alarm is not a big deal. It is a much bigger deal to have your home burglarized, or worse. I had one teenage girl who could no longer sleep in her room because of a peeping tom, who she was afraid would come in through a window. Teenage girls are targets of a lot worse things then burglars.

A home security system gives them peace of mind when mom and dad are away. If most false alarms are turned off within 15-20 seconds it won’t even dial the alarm company, if it does dial the alarm company, still no big deal. The alarm company will call, your teenager will give the family password and the alarm is canceled. Teenagers are capable of giving out a password. My daughters trip the alarm every month or so and not once have the police been dispatched. They find it humorous, as I do except when it happens before I wake up in the morning.

Here’s the bottom line; too many bad things happen to families who think that they could never happen to them. I believe the internet has emboldened pedophiles, and that as a result children are at greater danger than ever before. As a parent you’re responsible to protect your family, and one of the greatest tools that you have is a home security system. Don’t over think the subject, get a system and give your children a true sense of security.

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